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Jaime Chapman talks provides some career tips for military spouses.

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MilSpo Academy + Jaime Chapman discuss how Jaime has had a successful company and career in Recruiting as a Military Spouse!

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Instant Teams and Begin Within
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Jaime Chapman Find a Federal Job on Amazon.com federal hiring process resume tips usajobs

Meet the Author

The Story

Through her work  history as a federal resume writer and career coach, Jaime has seen it all and 9 times out of 10, clients came to Jaime frustrated. 

"I'm applying on USAJOBS.gov for these jobs I'm way overqualified for, and beating my head against the wall because I can't get through the system and get to interviews or even a person."

Jaime would recommend a few solid federal resume guidebooks, only to discover later that the clients NEVER read them... Because the books were 200 page textbooks and no frustrated job applicant wants to feel as if they're studying for a final exam. People just want to apply, get it over with and get the job.

Thus, Find a Federal Job was born. She originally began writing the book with the intention of it being a 2-3 page set of "How To"  instructions to send to alongside the resume she had just written for clients. The original 2 pages kept growing until it had reached 20 pages, speaking to the complexity of the federal application process. 

High performing people are busy. To make their lives just a little bit easier, rather than recommending a 200 page textbook, she decided to expand on the how to guide and author an eBook of a digestible length for a quick read. She added supplemental chapters on interviewing, salary negotiations, the federal hiring paths and processes – and, voila! Find A Federal Job became an all-in-one resource.

The Book

Find a Federal Job

Apply with confidence and write a winning resume.

A quick and easy guide to find a Federal job.

Discover proven secrets and get a job. 

In this Book: 

  • Federal hiring process
  • Resume tips
  • Qualify for the job
  • Interview tips
  • Salary negotiation
  • Career advice
  • Free resume download

Skip the frustration and apply successfully on USAJOBS. Learn about the Federal hiring process and Federal resume writing techniques. Qualify for the job you want, interview to win and get the salary you deserve.